Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Didn't your mother teach you to have good manners?  That's at least what I find myself silently questioning passersby more often than not.  This even for instance I found myself completely offended that two other patrons at my neighborhood nail salons had no common courtesy for the extremely kind staff.  One girl sat in the chair with her headphones in the whole time, and completely brushed off her technician when help was offered.  Lord knows how much energy she wasted keeping a scowl on her face the entire time.  Then there was the woman who spent the entire time on her cell phone while the owner of shop was prettying up her fingernails!  How is that even possible?  

It really broke my heart in a couple places to know people could be so inconsiderate to such kind people.  Of course the great joy of heartache can be the repentance of your own past mistakes.  In an effort to apologize on the behalf of all girls who truly appreciate the servitude in their quest for beauty I choose to wear a smile a little wider tomorrow.  More importantly though, taking a stance against all unkind words born from my own lips, I choose to think twice.  Which is all we can really hope for in people, right?

Be nice.  The world is a small town.  --Austin Kleon

{Image Credit: The Sartorialist}

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  1. Your mama taught you right Suzanne! Hope you are doing well!



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