Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Tad Irrational

For the most part, I would think that people would describe me as a quite rational person.  I wake pretty early every morning to the sound of my alarm, and have all my bearings as I walk out the door (save for this morning when I forgot my lunch).  People trust me to make decisions in my job, and even will seek me for advisement.  I also always check and double check the stove and oven not only before, but after cooking a meal.  Lately though it seems I've had quite a few irrational thoughts.  It's my hope that the older (and wiser) you get, the more "prepared" you become for the unexpected.

Here's a short list of my recent intellectual frenzies:
  • I will have absolutely zero hobbies or interests once the 2012 Olympics end on Sunday
  • I could fly off of a boating tube and and become permanently injured from whiplash
  • That I may die of hunger in my sleep tonight if I don't consume an ice cream sandwich
  • That I will never leave my apartment if made to live outside of the Gold Coast
  • I will never don a uniquely styled outfit again if veered off from my closet quadrant system
  • That I will wakeup on December 26th completely void of all feeling from not celebrating Christmas to the complete fullness I am capable of
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