Monday, April 9, 2012


A week removed from having the flu I've now found myself down and out with a different influenza.  The SSB kind. or Secret Single Behavior for those not familiar with Carrie Bradshaw's book of wisdom.  Having a surplus stock of health remedies, which included Saltine crackers, I cannot seem to stop myself from sitting in the kitchen smothering the squares with my current jam (Trader Joe's raspberry).  Once you indulge in one element of the behavior, it's becomes difficult to withhold yourself from the rest.  Mine range from the most common of symptoms (food) to the more emotional kind (RomComs on repeat-repeated scenes that is).  It's a shallow virus marked by delusions of labels, diamonds, and empty calories.   The kind of pain that hurts so good.

{Images: Sarabeth's Kitchen, Momfilter, Pinterest, Dustjacket Attic}

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