Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Past, Present and Future

My current fim roster looks something like the above.  It was a bit of a journey and logistics solving, but His Girl Friday finally made its way to my inbox.  Nothing in the world sounds better than a late Saturday evening spent with Cary Grant and his screwball antics.  Living in a cable world that does not lease to TCM has me in black and white deprivation.

A lot of popularity, and what you may call "pandemonium," has surround The Hunger Games series.  If I'm to be very honest this series just was not for me.  It seems once I graduated from The Babysitters Club series there was no looking back to the young adult literary genre.  Note that I do consider the Nancy Drew series to fall under this as they at the very least classic literature, and at very best genius.  At any rate, I saw the movie with the appreciation that the "novels" had a developed context and plot.  As it turns out this movie, albeit a bit lengthy, was very engaging and worthy of my $10 for the sequels.

Now for the headline of the week:  WOODY ALLEN'S NEXT FEATURE FILM'S TRAILER HAS BEEN RELEASED!  Let me gather my thoughts...
Okay, first of all the ensemble is near perfection.  The setting is brilliant.  Woody is back on the big screen.  The film is To Rome With Love, it comes out April 20th.  My month couldn't be looking any more peachy!

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