Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have a Heart

This month I made my most corny resolution yet.  I must admit that day one, the task at hand seemed pretty daunting.  Perhaps it was.  The main objective of a resolution though is to, in the end, find the truth.  My previous two months' resolutions were very blatant truths.  This month's wasn't as obvious to find until closer to the end.

For the most part, the month went as all others do.  You see a cute guy at the bar, you do the 15 minute song and dance of exchanging glances, and then it's time for the introduction.   This time though that part had to be done by me.  If I had to be honest, a part of me really hated it.  It forced me out of my enjoyable comfort zone, so that much was to be expected.  Through all of the awkwardness, I learned a few things about myself that I consider important to note on my journeys going forward.

Always take up a challenge.  This whole resolution was obviously quite the endeavor in and of itself, and was something I wouldn't let myself put to the wayside.  More importantly though, most people you meet in life will challenge you from small things, such as calling or asking for your number, to larger things like as moving away.  When they're matters of the heart or mind, I find it always better to take the longer road.

The best things come your way when being exactly who you are.    Extending your hand, offering your name, and possibly tossing out your number is all fine and good.  However, the the real butterflies will always come when you least expect it: when you're just living in the moment.

I have confidence in me.  The most attractive quality you can have is confidence.  Followed closely by style and charisma.  Always believe in yourself, what you stand for, and what you want.  Only when you do can anything, or anyone, truly love you back.

{Image Credit: Max Wanger}

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