Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mimicking Beauty

Is there anything more flattering than someone paying homage to you for your beauty?  Jennifer Aniston played the most difficult part of Barbara Streisand in a shoot for Harper's Bazaar's September issue.  Barbara Streisand always exuded a sense of ease and simplicity in her fashion with great flashes of glamour.  Of course she didn't need to add too much flair, as her greatest accessory was always her leading men (Enter: Robert Redford).  Not to mention she has a stage presence and voice to boot.  Put this all together and you get star power.  It thus makes it a lofty task to take on Babs, but I think Jen did a stunningly beautiful job.  Then again, it takes a star to know one.

For more of this shoot visit here.


  1. Wow! Interesting! I think she did a great job...or should I say, the people that 'put it together' :)

  2. Love how Babs isn't afraid of her flaws. Her confidence is what makes her such a classic beauty



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