Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It happened one night.  The Rachel Zoe Project was no longer showing on my Tuesday night television lineup, and I had nothing to turn to.  So I followed the crowd, and gave Glee a shot.  It was never an issue of conformity.  Nor did I ever doubt the brilliance of the concept for the show.  It was more the fear of disappointment.  Through the years I have found my humor seems to differ from the majority.  In terms of pop culture that is.  Most movies that my peers find HA-larious, I just find, well...stupid.  If I were to judge a book by its cover, which I did in this instance, Glee looked to be like all the other disappointments.  By giving in to a weak Tuesday night television lineup though I was admittedly entertained by the show.  Laughs were released at all the right jokes, and the head bobbed too all the appropriate beats (or tried to at least-my rhythm is a bit off).  Yes, Glee checks out okay after all.  It's a great platform to promote the arts, and music appreciation.  Personally I'm hoping for a Frank Sinatra episode in the near future, top hats and all.  So by all means be a Gleek.  It's decidedly funny.

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