Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out

We all need a little help sometimes.  It's necessary in order to obtain what we want.  If you're anything like me though, asking for help seems almost unnatural sometimes.  Perhaps then it's easier to start seeking help with the little things.  After all there's no facet of life too small for someone else to pitch in as well.  Vulnerability isn't such a bad thing.  Raising a question once in awhile for yourself, or uttering that dreaded four letter word can provide a satisfying outcome.  It might actually get you a fabulous new pair of Oxford boots you wouldn't have otherwise bought, or get you positive attention for your care and diligence at your job.  The best part about help is that most people in your life want to provide it for you. Completely free of charge.  They just need you to ask.  So don't pass up a steal.


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