Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Review-5.16.10

Only a lucky few can say their college graduation was the worst day of their life.  Sure you're proud of completing 130 hours of higher education courses, and somewhat relieved to never have to pull an all-nighter again.  Somewhere amongst the hours of delirium spent in the library, and saving that row of seats in the back of the classroom there were those tinges of enjoyment.  That is if you were fortunate enough to realize it.  This past weekend my sister Emily graduated from Mizzou.  While still in mourning over my own graduation one year ago, the pang in my heart ached greater for her.  Leaving such a place you enjoyed so much that also happened to also be home to the people you loved so much, is one of the hardest treks to take.  Especially when you always realized it.

  • After a minor snafu with my new tailor, it was on the road to Columbia with Riley, Zeiter, and Jules where we would meet up with the little Houts girls, and Claire, who made a great last minute decision to make the trip down.
  • Throwback Friday night at The Penguin and Willie's.
  • My heart was set on late night El Rancho.  I got Pickleman's.  Not the same.
  • Marathon graduation Saturday kicked off with lunch at the Heidelberg complete with a pork scare.
  • The rain, the rain, ugh....the rain.  I just don't do well with rain.  Especially in a strapless dress, thin cardigan, and heels.  It gave me such disdain that I even found myself in a tiff with a traffic cop.
  • One of the great things about the business school, is that they're short on words, making for a short (enough) and sweet ceremony.
  • Dinner...let's just say we ate.  The run-around to get there needs no mention.
  • Just when you think you've found all the little gems in Columbia, you stumble upon The Wine Cellar.
  • Bottle service at Harpo's?  Why not, Matt.
  • Bound and determined to get El Rancho at some point during the weekend, I was their first customer Sunday morning.  A delicious meal of chips, queso, and rice for the drive home.  The good stuff always remains.

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  1. Love it...we much sums it up ;)



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