Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Light Lunch

It may sound odd, but I've known to get crabby a time or two.  Extremely crabby, in fact.  The worst is when my day is going so well, and out of the clear blue I feel that sharp pinch of mental nerves.  Not only does it ruin a perfectly good day, but there's no where to go to take out the frustration.  A personal day isn't really an option.  You can, though have a personal moment.  That's the simple beauty of a lunch break.  After experiencing a short fuse today, I glanced at the clock and decided to plan a brief escape during lunch.  With no particular place to go and a wandering appetite, I headed home because of its proximal convenience. It seems just what I needed was a strong backwards dive onto my sheetless bed (of course I decided to throw those in the wash this same morning). a much needed release of wordless vocals, and a follow up at my washer and dryer to regain some solace.  Sometimes you just need to expend some physical energy to relieve the tension.  More often than not you need to complete a task, even if it's just a small one, to feel productive again.  To truly cap off the personal relief process though you need to consume something sweet to kick out those nasty nerves.  In order to not repeat the process by partaking in a guilty pleasure, I went for the Strawberry Vivanno smoothie at Starbucks.  Sweet, cool, and healthy.  A great catch.  Which is exactly what I went back to trying to be after a lovely personal moment.

[Strawberry Vivanno smoothie from Starbucks]

1 comment:

  1. Wish I had had a Strawberry Vivanno to hand to you on Saturday after the ceremony....wth???



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