Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saturday A.M. Sounds

I may be late getting on the bandwagon.  Not sure, but it's very possible.  It happens to us old souls.  Nevertheless I absolutely love Zee Avi's self-titled album.  It's a tendency of mine to categorize music by both days of the week and from there, time of the day.  I'll go ahead and say what you're thinking:  anal-retentive.  Be that as it may, this album quite nicely fills a large vacancy on Saturday mornings.  Somewhat breezy, somewhat spunky, and somewhat thoughtful.  Not too much of any one thing.  It should go quite nicely with Diet Coke and an egg sandwich, which also fit well on a Saturday morning.  Once again I'll go ahead and say that word on the tip of your tongue:  unappetizing.  Just don't pre-judge the album on my quirks.

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