Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekend Review-4.4.10

I coud not imagine why my Mother wanted to put me in this Easter dress.  Until I found out it was all my idea.  Evidently it was the puffy sleeves I insisted upon.  My how things change.  The necklace was a nice touch though.

Most people mark their years by something.  A sort of personal New Years.  Mine are by Christmases.  It's a time I miss even in such glorious weather as what we've had.  As a result I tend to forget the purpose of other holidays, such as Easter.  You see, unlike Christmas the Easter traditions fade away.  Saturday afternoon, while thinking of schedule events for the following day I asked myself that question.  What do you do with Easter?  [By the way, like Christmas, I do fully recognize the significance of this holiday.  The societal celebration is what is in question.]  Just as I asked myself that question, the image of a bold colored floral, pre-adult leather, mini-bowler purse popped in my mind.  It was my Easter basket that year (at what age, I couldn't tell you).  My sisters and I each received a floral purse, but mine was a little different because I was the oldest.  For that very reason I adored it.  Easter may not be a time for giving and receiving like Christmas.  It doesn't seem to hold that significance.  However, it's still a way we mark our years.  Without it, we may find less to appreciate.
  • While for very understandable reasons I know she's reluctant, I'm so happy that my Midgie is moving back to St. Louis in the coming months.
  • Midge, we're going to have some very productive venting sessions to come, such as our early Friday evening one at J.P. Fields.
  • We thought we found such a clutch parking spot on Tucker for prancing over to Washington Ave.
  • After a long night that compounded with a late evening downpour that spot wasn't as great as initially thought.  Good thing I could make a run for it while Midge camped out under any available awning.
  • Rise and shine everyone.  You gotta get out.
  • The best way to spend a beautiful spring Saturday is at the Boathouse in Forest Park.  Especially for a wedding shower.
  • I cannot even describe the pure bliss that was my visit to Jipsi and Skif.  Both are too wonderful for a just a mere mention in a "Review," so much more on that later.
  • My yoke-blown eggs always wind up open to appreciation.  As in, they started out as one idea, wound up as another, and really lie confused somewhere in between.
  • I could never before imagine living with someone as long as a year, and then go without seeing them for a year.  Yet that is how long my former roommate Grace and I have seen each other.  Could not have been more excited to see her Saturday night!
  • Stick to drinking those beverages you know.  Leave the rest for the other patrons.
  • Who could eat a calzone before a day of feasting?  I'm looking at that person in the mirror.
  • At what point do security and judgmental overlap?
  • Pietro's for brunch, Aunt Wendy's for dinner, and still I could manage delving into my Mom's leftover Chinese food later on.                                                                                                                        


  1. if anyone could drunkenly eat a calzone and make it look effortless and elegant, it's you

  2. oh ps- had the BEST cab driver on the way home. i think you and he would have bonded! details to come, in a less public forum

  3. Yep, the dress was all you, but let's not forget, it WAS the era for poofy hair AND dresses....eh. Good riddance. I was wondering what happened to my Chinese leftovers when I got to work...AH HA! Should've guessed ;))



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