Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days Like This

The best kind of Bulldogs are these little cuties, Junebug and Gracie.

I have a lot of days.  Some shape up well for organizing.  Others are too delicious not to eat the whole fridge.  Of course there are those that include hours of browsing and downloading new song for my library as well.  Yesterday was made for the wonderful world of sports.  These kind of days play out a bit weird.  They include much unfounded intensity, a sudden rush of knowledge on statistics, and a desire for bad things to happen to seemingly good people.  For all of this, I must give my gratitude to MLB's Opening Day for bringing energy to a Monday.  What a start too.  The Cards' won thanks to Albert's two home runs (making him on pace to reach 324) and Yadi's first career grand slams.  Most of us in St. Louis were more relieved on this Monday though to see Rams quarterback, Marc Bulger released from the roster.  This sudden change along with the new ownership is allowing me to see rays of what may be hope.  While my bracket this year saw no signs of that "hope" thing, I have to admit it was enjoyable to see the underdog Butler take on the underdog of the number one seeds, Duke.  How rare to see a game be so close during its entirety too.  Unfortunately it was realized how quickly my post-grad lifestyle has caught up with me when I found Butler's head coach the most attractive on the court.  The days of lust over Mike Dunleavy, Jr. just don't seem as long ago as they really were.  The days of oohing and aahing over a Speakers Series lineup though?  That's called my Tuesday.


  1. Lol..you almost can't see Junebug with Gracie covering her up...very cute though! ;))

  2. this pic legit looks like it should be in a magazine. Great quality! And the coach of Butler looks 12...



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