Thursday, April 1, 2010

April in Paris

Sometimes you just have to let it all out.  So here goes:  IT'SHEREIT'SHEREIT'SHEREIT'SHERE!!!!!!

April that is.  It has been decided that this month will be all about glamour and enchantment for the sole fact that I will be traveling to France April 17-25.  It's valid.  The countless genres of art that were born there, the serene landscapes and architecture that are everywhere you look, and the vibrant fashions that walk the streets are just a few reasons why I chose Francaise as my graduation destination.  I didn't give too many instructions to my parents, except to just book it.  As it so happened it was arranged that we'd go in April.  A fact that didn't strike me until one unassuming evening when spring was starting to blossom here in St. Louis, and Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of April in Paris played on my iPod while walking Francis Park.  The previous images I held of everything fine and chic are now detailed in chestnuts in blossom.  Being a Missouri resident, I am not quite certain how to envision it, but as I imagine it's fabulous!

This month most of my posts will be devoted to the culture and delicacies that make this country one of the most popular spots in the world.  What better way to give it a kick than with one of its greatest contributions, style?  Last night I finally tracked down The September Issue at a nearby Redbox.   It goes without saying that I became completely entranced with Anna Wintour's world of Vogue.  While the documentary was mainly filmed at the Vogue offices in New York City, Anna and her entourage do jet off to Paris for a brief stint.  Because that's just what you have to do to stay at the top of fashion.  For the rest of us just trying to reach that peak, we can enjoy and watch this promotional trailer featuring one of my favorite bands,
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
Le soupir...

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