Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seek and You Shall Find

It's been a few times along the road now that I've heard when surrounding yourself with what you love you will most surely find what you need.  It's not necessarily the actual tangible items you need.  It could just be pictures or words.  Just something that reminds you of what it is your after.  I've started doing this in a couple of variations.  At my windowless desk space at work I've brought in some of my favorite images of clothing and other designs along with personal photographs, and encouraging words.  Most all other times a camera and small notebook can be found in my purse to capture moments and ideas, or reminders of places to return (my iPhone serves as a great backup plan if these items aren't on hand).  The problem of data overload can often come into play though.  This would be when there are so many images, words, ideas, etc. to organize we forget which direction we were headed.  I decided it was probably a good idea to create a sort of filter for this.  The above document sections three important aspects of life to me.  A list for all the things I want to do, be it for career, outreach, or fun.  Then of course a spot to jot down all the things I love, whether it be characteristics found in people, interests, or items.  Finally, I need a place to remember all the stories I come across.  The encouraging, and sometimes just wise hand-me-down life lessons that people have to offer.  The great thing about this page is it that it's open for edits, can be kept on my computer, or made portable with just the click of "Print"  It can always be in front of me though.  A great reminder of the direction needed to take.

You can download this page for yourself here.

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