Monday, April 26, 2010


It was a tale of two airports.  One stood in my hometown of St. Louis, and the other across the pond in Nice, France.  The problem was just one was allowing flights.  Wouldn't you know it was the less glamorous of the two?  The wonderful thing about airports though(when they are in operation), is that some flying machine is always going somewhere.  With bags packed and already at the airport, my parents and I decided it was a shame to waste a week of completed "To-Do" lists and an eased mind of a work-free week.  Just where to go though?  That was not in Europe?  That we have not been?  That we could comfortably wear the clothes that were packed?  Well how about Washington, D.C.?  Great idea.  Actually, fantastic idea.

If the United States was where I was to remain for the time being (until the last week of August to be precise), I could not have been more grateful to see DC.  While some were concerned about my sudden bursts of adrenaline from taking in so much history in one city, I was able to pull myself together enough to calmly observe and admire.

The funny thing is when I returned many offered their apologies for my original trip being canceled.  It would be difficult for me to be upset though when I so generously received two trips out of one.  Moreover, it never really occurred to me what I was missing out on.  Sometimes the Earth quakes, oceans storm, and volcanos blow.  That's life.  All we can ever do is go along with it.

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