Saturday, April 17, 2010

Au Revoir...?

As luck would have it a volcanic eruption would take place in Iceland leaving a massive fog of ash to cover much of Europe.  Right before my much awaited trip to France.  No word as of yet as to whether my 5:40 flight out of JFK airport to Nice is canceled or not.  My fingers are crossed tightly in a knot that we'll make it.  In typical fashion, I packed my bags at the last minute.  It must be said though that even I am quite impressed with how efficiently my wardrobe is mapped out.  If I'm missing something?  Well what better place than to go that little shop around the corner for an easy fix?

While I gear up for a busy travel day, I'm trying to send some good vibes my way by listening to my favorite French music and envisioning my arrival to beautiful Monte Carlo. Hopefully this is au revoir for now, friends...c'est si bon!

1 comment:

  1. Well, since it was canceled, think of it this way. You wouldn't have had any real nice weather since the skies would have had volcanic ash in them.....and even my SLR can't make that look any better :))



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