Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Review-3.28.10

Two types of weekends exist in the postgrad world. The ones you can keep up with, and the ones you can't. After spending three of my last four weeks out of town I decided it was time to give, what I had deemed "the doldrums," another shot. It is spring after all, a time for new beginnings. As luck would have it my weekend was filled with old school late nights, plenty of activity, and a restored faith in the city of St. Louis.

  • From guests stopping by to visiting spring breakers, Friday night was filled with old friends.
  • Tightless skirt weather is the best weather.
  • Is American Honey the new tequila? I hope not.
  • Can two bars constitute as a pub crawl? Not when it's Side Bar and The Dubliner. It's then just considered "typical." Typical is always the route to go though when good friends are involved.
  • My proud moment of the weekend involved being able to have the self-discipline to not demand the Taco Bell drive thru.
  • Even I can admit St. Louis has its upsides to Columbia, which include no cover charges, 3 a.m. closing time, and no incurred interest when leaving your tab overnight.
  • While it seemed I should have deserved the pleasure of an authentic Mexican lunch, going with the flow wound up suiting just fine. However, next time when lunching at Adriana's on the Hill on a Saturday afternoon, I'm bringing a magazine.
  • That baked cod sandwich didn't stand a chance of survival.
  • Is it possible that South City can become St. Louis' version of East Campus? Here's hoping.
  • I love gaining more members in the "23" club. Happy Birthday, Anna!
  • Anna is not into celebrating her Birthday. However, she will reserve a table for seven at 9:30 at JP Fields, accept Girl Scout cookie gifts, sip on a mini-umbrella dressed martini, and take hold of the stage at The Dubliner. Hey, go big or go home.
  • In case you were wondering you will sit at the Jack in the Box drive thru window for 10 minutes if you order 22 tacos.
  • It's been decided that Sunday is my day for inhaling any and all food that comes my way. This is why I head over to my Mom's.
  • Sundays do begin at the strike of midnight. Hence the 22 tacos at 3:15 A.M.
  • How about that full moon out these past few days?

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  1. your blog is lit-rally the only one worth reading



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