Thursday, March 25, 2010

"C" is for Cookie

Sometimes, no matter how much you've had to eat, that rumbly in your tumbly still comes around. It doesn't matter what you have, but that you get it immediately. Last night, after drinks (and for my three friends, dinner as well) at BARcelona, we headed over to J.P. Fields for a nightcap. After finally settling into our stools at the bar, a box was suddenly placed before us by our bartender. It was a box of Girl Scout cookies purchased by my friend Anna. Not just any Girl Scout cookies though. They were Tagalongs, which everyone knows is the most addicting of the confectionary line. It seemed either the bar or bartender, or a phantom scout was in the business of selling cookies to those desiring a midnight snack. Whoever it is can pat themselves on the back for being such an ingenue. The box of Tagalongs was consumed by four 23 year old girls in under five minutes flat. You ask "why?" We say, because those chocolate peanut butter patties were right in front of us.

Other Twilight Cravings to Swoon Over:

El Rancho chips, queso, and rice. Let me have a moment...

White Castle cheeseburgers. Rebels without a cause.

Stouffer's macaroni and cheese. Lick the cardboard good.

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