Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here to Cheers

Admit it, you do want to go there.  Where everyone knows your name.  Ever since Cheers aired (and for many of us, this means when Nick at Nite ran its reruns) we've all wanted that little nook to go and take the edge off at.  A place where camaraderie is plentiful, and you're allowed to make up your own order of cheese fries off the menu.

I've always loved old speakeasy sketches, such as the one Cheers used in their intro.

Well it may be possible that I have found just that.  After receiving a spur of the moment text, I cut my Target trip short, and headed up to Joey B's on the Hill for Monday night trivia with a small group of friends.  The night proved to be exactly what me and my other pals in the working world have been looking for.  A place to look forward visiting after the most dreaded day of the week, and be able to show up in your finest sweats.  Not to mention trivia is one of the few gaming events where I thrive in competition.  Though it should be noted our four-man team failed to come up with Mexico, one of the world's largest countries, as a Latin American nation.   So maybe you partake in a bucket, or maybe you just have a couple glasses of refreshing cola.  Do make sure you study a world map though.

Map prints available from Etsy.

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