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Weekend Review-2.28.10

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Even to say it is fun. Spontaneity. To come or result from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation. More often than not we're bound by rules and expectations. Impulses have the unfortunate fate of being completely ignored. Once in awhile though, when good spirits are in need, the best place to look is to your natural wayside. Otherwise known as spontaneity.

  • My favorite semi-annual event is the $1 sale at Avalon Exchange. It's one of the few times I believe in sprinting, be it over to the store from work or through the orange tagged racks. And no, it's not their bottom of the barrel. They stash away three days worth of their best variety. A great six piece start to my summer wardrobe for $6.52 ain't bad.
  • Due to a complete lack of preparation for the Lenten season, I missed out on two fish fries in Week 1. I made gosh darn sure that wouldn't be the case this week. Seems everyone else in the St. Gabriel parish had the same idea, as the line was wrapped around the school. It was completely worth it for an $8 plate full of fried cod, mac 'n cheese, and green beans. Oh, and thanks to Erin having the "ins," the free beer too.
  • As the weather begins to slowly warm up, people are reluctantly leaving their houses again. After a brief stay at McGurk's in Soulard though, Erin, Mary Ellen and I found everyone's been hiding at Library Annex. Claustrophobia much?
  • A last minute trip to Kansas City riding co-captain with Corby proved a great alternative to sitting and pondering what else to do in the St. Louis winter.
  • A huge thanks to Claire for not only being flexible with our spontaneity, but taking time away from her busy work projects to entertain us.
  • Deviled eggs have never been prepared better than at The Westside Local.
  • Shopping on The Plaza consisted of just one sale item purchase. For that I am quite proud of myself.
  • I'm a huge fan of neighborhood bars such as Brookside's Charlie Hooper's. They're more fun when Mizzou actually beats Kansas State though.
  • Surely a place could not ever be as crowded as Library Annex was on Friday night? At least that's what I thought until I experienced O'Dowd's on Friday night.
  • Even a mild claustrophobic like me can handle a dark and crowded nightlife when such trench coat-wearing gentlemen as Nigel provide champagne service.
  • How excited was I that a salmon and goat cheese frittata was the daily special at Eggtc? Wouldn't you like to know?
  • It seems mini-day trips create the illusion of an extended weekend. It takes just a tad bit of the edge away from that Monday morning wake up.
"You can eat life or let life eat you."--Tahitian Proverb

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