Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shoebox of Photographs-February

Beads, bikinis, and buddies took center stage from February-March of my junior year. Traveling from the cold streets of St. Louis for Mardi Gras to the arm pit of America, Panama City, FL, many profound life lessons were learned. For instance, always have a meeting place when going with groups in busy streets. Otherwise you may just end up at a family's residence in North County. Also, when considering a stay at a "resort motel," check into what actually qualifies as such. The good thing about lessons though is the memories that come with them.

  • Top Left: My good side. Prepping for Mardi Gras at the Boyle residence.
  • Top Right: Caroline Gallay and Katie Miller have different modes of fun at Big 12 on a Saturday night.
  • Bottom Left: Trying ever so hard to get in the groove of another Thursday night at Big 12 with Lauren Zeiter.
  • Bottom Right: Who says the hunk breed is extinct? Megan McCalla found one on the beaches of Panama City.

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