Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Darn Darn

It's rare that I ever slack off, but every once in awhile it happens. For any big release I make sure to star it in my agenda. Every new Michael Buble album, is pre-ordered ready for download. Back in December I could not leave for Naples until I had (500) Days of Summer in my possession. Somehow, someway though I missed marking down the release date of Chelsea Handler's new book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. Tuesday night, the day of her latest book's release, everywhere I turned I was reminded of what was not on my bookshelf. Her nightly show mentioned it, the E! network ran commercials promoting it, and she even was the headliner on the Jimmy Fallon Late Show plugging it (YouTube video above featuring part of the spot). Her two previous books, My Horizontal Life and Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea share the dubious achievement of being the only two pieces of literature I've actually laughed out loud at. The anticipation of her third work has built to a crescendo after she shared on Jimmy Fallon that many of the book's memoirs revolve around her father's antics. Unfortunately, I also anticipate a steep personal entertainment expense report in my bank account this month from my St. Patrick's Day pilgrimage to Chicago this weekend. At least for the tight of wallet there's always Amazon.

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