Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deep Breaths

Unfortunately we can't always whisk away when we want to. It's a nice thought though, Southwest. For those days when our limits have been hit there's a great remedy to reset the mind. Yoga, as I was reminded by my instructor last night, is a mini-vacation. An exercise focused on controlled breathing and focused stretching, it brings a strange calm and peace to the mind and body by the end of the routine. It's often encouraged by the instructor to keep your eyes closed for the majority of the exercise and stay focused, not only on your stretches, but on a place of comfort and serenity. If you're able to surrender your tensions and relax your mind you'll find a surprisingly refreshed spirit by the end of your mini-getaway.

More Reasons to Love Yoga:

1. Adorable and fabulously comfortable clothing, like these below from Lululemon (check out this cute post from their blog too: Push Your Mind, Stretch Your Body).

2. Being able to lie on a mat be barefooted for an hour....ahhh, relaxation at its finest.

Mats from Gaiam

3. Magically transporting to your places of enchantment

My beloved Chicago lakefront and skyline

A little slice of Heaven at Maddens

"I do not know how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to."--Marjorie Kinnans Rawlings

*Chicago skyline photo taken by my fab Loyola roommate, Ann.
*Maddens beach photo taken by my mother, who introduced us to such a wonderful place.

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