Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Review-3.7.10

The Oscars wasn't the only best dressed competition going on this weekend. This decade has seen a lot of memorable people and events, and they all came out to claim their worthiness for my Dad's 50th Birthday extravaganza. Floor length gowns? Unnecessary. A roll of foil? Bring out your finest.
  • Spring is finally starting to make its presence known. Francis Park late afternoon walks are back!
  • It's not often I say it, but...I'm so glad Brooke is back in town on her spring break! Standard fare of raiding her house for Friday night dinner and heading to The Dubliner were had.
  • Nothing beats taking in a Saturday afternoon college basketball game. Especially when it's with good friends at a great atmosphere, as it was with fellow Kappas at The Post in Maplewood.
  • I wasn't sure my rubber ducky costume from this past Halloween could ever be personally matched. Then the nerd in me came shining through. The hanging chad idea was a stellar foil prop incorporated idea for my Dad's 50th Birthday decade costume party.
  • Matt Iovaldi's 50th Birthday. So much to say, so few appropriate places to retell the tales. It should be enough to say that an equation consisting of great live music, a fun venue, costumes, and a large Italian family results in an epic night.
  • What do you do after such a night of fanfare? Recap it the next day with everyone that was there. Sunday dinner and the Oscars at Aunt Mar and Uncle John's was just what we all needed.
  • Alright, I have to admit I was not blown away by this year's dresses. Between Charlize's organic floral disaster, and Miley's downright horrendous posture it was a slow year for the Academy's Red Carpet. Therefore my vote is going to the adorable, charming and perfect pair that was Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Of course I wouldn't feel right though if I didn't give a shout out to SJP.
"Measure your life in love."--Seasons of Love; Rent

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