Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Colors Everywhere

It used to be in my house, around the age of five you would watch a Disney movie for three straight weeks and then move on to the next. For the same time frame. It was an ongoing cycle, only to be broken by gymnastic lessons and bicycle races. Of all the things to be sitting in front of the television for hours on end, it might as well have been a good Disney tale. Of course this also goes back to the day of pure animation. Something about the flat ink and paper illustrations make it easier to become completely enchanted with a fairy tale. Similar to how something in the three-dimensional megapixel creations invoke greater humor.

It had been a few years since I truly appreciated a Disney classic. It's possible that cinema produced from the land of idealistic morals has a difficult time finding a place amongst fraternity houses and tailgates. A sad fact considering two of my favorite films in the last year have been The Princess and the Frog and Up. A representation of both the old and new school Disney, these two movies truly shined in so many ways. Both had tremendous soundtracks, with Up having a more nostalgic and gentle score, while The Princes and the Frog made way for lots of fun. The two films also had dazzling color schemes. The bright colors against shades of blue in Up made for an enjoyable ride throughout. The soft color palette of The Princess and the Frog though inspired the elegance every little girl strives for. Of course both accomplished what's at the heart of every Disney movie. That little tear at the corner of your eye. It's what brings every big kid back to the mouse ears.
"Sometimes, it's the boring stuff I remember the most."--Russell from Up

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