Saturday, February 20, 2010

Y Tu?

Style is a complicated theory. It varies from person to person. Even when you isolate one person's style there are still webs to unweave though. Factors such as childhood, family and friends, ambitions, education, etc. all contribute to personal style. Style is the epitome of who you are. It is not limited to fashion and accessories either. It expands into your music selection, home decor, taste of food, and many other facets of life. The one statement that is completely untrue that many often utter though is that some people just don't have style. To say someone doesn't have a style would almost be saying a person doesn't exist. Everyone has a personal style. The sad truth is many just forget theirs. It's simply hard to express one's self when opinions and criticisms exist in this world.

It takes two things to remember your style though: confidence and ear plugs. While confidence may seem an elusive trait, it can easily be picked up when you need it. Just remember that you know what you like. The only reason to ever doubt is when you wear, listen, or do something based solely on someone else. This is where ear plugs (the imaginary kind) come in handy. Put them in when you're unable to hear what it is that you like. Loud noises often elude us from what it is we really want.

The short phrase that I always refer to when someone ponders what they should wear is "Y tu?" It's both Latin and Spanish for "And you?" What about what you like? It's not always about the latest trends and what your best friend looks like. Remember, trends only emerge because some unique soul was spotted wearing or doing something that no one else was.

The latest Nordstrom catalog caught my eye because of the cover, which featured framed black and white sketches. It was just my style. When I actually opened it up, the first sentence of the first page made a very true and simple statement of style. It reads: "If you're like us, a well-edited wardrobe is the key to making your own personal style statement." In essence they are saying here's what we offer, but you don't have to have it all. Choose what's you.

So be unique. Be without fear. Be your style. Y tu?

"Some people have everything and other people don't. But everything don't mean a thing if it ain't the thing you want." --Charles Wright and the Watts, Express Yourself

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