Friday, February 19, 2010

Change of Heart

"The heart has reasons that reason does not understand."--Jacques Benigne Bossuel

Perhaps it was the sea of red. Maybe even the copious amounts of corny cards. It could have simply been the fact that I had no reason to pay attention. Whatever the reason may be, Valentine's Day came and went without much notice taken on my part. Oddly enough though, a couple days after this niche holiday, its universal symbol, the heart, seems to be popping up everywhere I turn. The heart, has never been one of my favorite symbols or shapes. I was never that girl scribbling them all over her notebook or buying every which novelty item with its design on it. To me it's always been perceived as a tacky statement. However, the ones I've been finding recently have really caught my eye. Dare I say, they may have that certain element of chic to them?

Check them out...

  • My new favorite blog discovered this week is Garance Dore. Her URL icon? A simple little heart.

Diet Coke's new design to raise awareness for The Heart Truth

"What is a heart worth if it's just left all alone?"--Jack Johnson

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