Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Review-2.21.10

It took almost a week, but sure enough I found it. My Olympic spirit that is. It was located sometime Sunday in the latter part of the afternoon after taking a curious interest in both slalom and downhill skiing. To be quite specific that interest was Bode Miller. I found it's not hard to look at him in any event or climbing the podiums. He's fun to watch on the slopes as well. Of course there were other events that took place at the Olympics and around these parts this weekend as well.

  • Nothing is better than having a full rest to make for a productive Saturday afternoon.
  • While more often than not I like to support the local establishments, I couldn't deny the great traffic view that the Chippewa Starbucks offers to catch up on my electronic tasks, and enjoy an iced coffee.
  • Sometimes life hands out some hard choices. Fortunately the most difficult one I had at hand Saturday was whether to get my daily exercise at the gym or Francis Park. The gym won.
  • Seeing so many people enjoying the spring preview on my drive actually made me feel bad for my neglect on Mother Nature. Four guesses as to where I wound up? Seems sometimes you can have it both ways.
  • A big thanks to my friend Anna for inviting me to trivia night in O'Fallon. It was a great experiment in the effects of alcohol on the brain's synapses.
  • Next time I'm told there's always room for Jell-O, my response will most assuredly be "Jell-NO."
  • Even through chaos, Mom's house is the perfect place for recuperation. Big comfy couches, loaded refrigerator, and premium channels. Why go anywhere else?
  • Between the hopes of a modern day "Miracle on Ice" and Bode Miller...well Bode Miller, I'm completely hooked on the Olympics. I even downloaded the comprehensive NBC 2010 Winter Olympics app.
  • Unfortunately my new hobby has pushed my traditional February pastime to the wayside. Ten best picture nominees for 2010? Too ambitious for my lack of preparation. Sigh...

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