Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magically Mod

For the most part cereal sells itself. It's an easy meal (if you're anything like me that goes for any time of the day), it contains vitamins while still catering to the sweet tooth, and it's often packaged with games and prizes. While I've been in a deep Special K kick as of late, even I couldn't turn my cart to the new (and probably limited edition) retro branding of the General Mills' familiar favorites cereal packaging. The only problem becomes deciding which to take home. If you're all about good ol' fashion fun, like myself, Lucky Charms (pictured above) should suit you just fine. It comes with an adorable cut-out leprechaun puppet on the back. A fabulous and lively addition to any office space. It should be noted that the marshmallows are larger as well. As most know, if the 'mallows can't sell something, what can?

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