Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Review-2.14.10

It was the hip-hop artist Outkast who once sang, "Got to shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture." He's right, sometimes you just have to shake it all out. The work week, winter blues, the mistakes you purchased last week, and yes, even Polaroid pictures. They all need a good flick of the wrist once in awhile. Enter: Mardi Gras weekend in St. Louis. Not quite on the grand scale of New Orleans, but it still gets the job done of discounting impaired judgments and questionable daytime behavior.
  • Another Olympics, another opening ceremony. Pageantry has never been my thing, but then again it never came in Ralph Lauren style before.
  • Nothing guarantees a good weekend like visitors. Guests from Chicago to Columbia graced St. Louis with their presence this weekend to partake in the festivities.
  • Just like all soccer moms, every Mardi Gras goer knows to use the restroom before you leave. Inevitably you'll still have to duck and dive once you stroll into Soulard.
  • Down Russell St., through the food and drink tents, around the bend to Ann and 9th Streets, winding back to 12th and Russell we went. Ultimately it was the Great Grizzly, for a second year in a row that won over the majority of our stay. If you ain't got good beats, you ain't got nothin'.
  • While a couple close of separations took place throughout the day, it was our plastic whistle and personal Polaroid name tags that kept our group in tact. [The masking tape hooks were fashioned by the ever clever Allie Corby.]
  • Bound and determined we were to make it out past Soulard and into the night. We lasted through dinner at The Dubliner. Eh, what can you do?
  • Mornings can be rough after a day and night like Mardi Gras. They can be even more so when you're a few single gals on Valentine's Day. A breakfast of champions is often needed to get through this kind of day. Good thing the South City nook, Murdoch Perk could handle this task.
  • Valentine's Day is meant to be spent with the ones you love. So I spent mine with my Mom. We discovered Avatar really is as spectacular as everyone said, and mourned MJ all over again watching This Is It.
  • While unfortunately my industry doesn't recognize President's Day as a holiday, I could still pretend some remnants of my weekend were spared on Monday. A lunch outing with Margaret at Adriana's on the Hill was so much fun that we decided to get drinks at Bar Louie that evening. Of course it's always better though when you have a crowd, so we dragged Anna out with us.
  • As an update, heels are slowly but surely becoming a staple for my outfits (less Mardi Gras). With a few more go's, I may be ready for stilettos in time for spring.

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