Thursday, February 11, 2010

Made for Play

The holidays are always stressful. Especially when it's one that takes place outside in the cold with thousands of the town's best and brightest drunks. Yes, Mardi Gras in St. Louis is here again. A celebration focused mostly on silliness brought on by the liquid form, the wardrobe is usually left to a last minute detail. This, however, is the wrong strategy to take. Mardi Gras is a large party, and for any party, big or small, one should always dress to impress. Yet unlike many parties, for this one you have to add in the elements of weather, precipitation, and inebriated folk with potential stain causing beverages. A quandary? You said it! For every problem there is a solution though. Think: warm, inexpensive, unattached, and washable. Shoes may be the hardest part of your outfit to encompass all of these attributes. No one wants to struggle to keep up with the crowd in flimsy flats or come back home with stained Uggs. So what's a gal to do? Well as luck would have it, Urban Outfitters has loads of patterns and colors of their various canvas shoes on sale for between $10-$18 right now online and in stores. They're sturdy, comfortable, cost efficient, adorable, and washable, leaving some chance that you will be able to wear them again. You'll probably even have some pocket change left over to buy yourself a nice and greasy heart-shaped pizza when you wake up Valentine's Day morning.

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