Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to Take Glamorous Advice

I'm not one to look for advice often. A lot of things in my sphere of the universe get chalked up to being part of the beat of my own drum. That is until after a recent trip to the Uptown Chicago Borders. Right in the niche "fashion & beauty" section, one particular title stared me right in the face: How to Walk in High Heels. It was a feminine skill I have never quite seemed to grasp. Needless to say, I was intrigued. The 448 page book is actually, as the subtitle suggests, a "girl's guide to everything," covering such subjects as walking in those frightening footwear to how to cope in a power outage. While the book is written by runway reporter, Camilla Morton, it includes many contributions from such fashion legends as Manolo Blahnik and Stella McCartney. So if you're having trouble getting everything into that one large suitcase for a short weekend once again, don't worry. It's okay to look for advice, and possibly pick up a few other tips as well.

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