Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Review-1.31.10

Falling ill this last week really took its toll on me. In a very uncharacteristic move after the final work hour of the week, I drove past the gym, straight home, and fell victim to a nap. Little effort in socialization was made after that. Living life day by day sometimes means you have to take to the lulls though. The little things count just as much though:

  • The great 1/16" snowstorm was too much for Brooke to bear during her visit home. After getting Dairy Queen at 9:00 that evening, we couldn't turn our eyes from the unfortunate entertainment that is The Singing Bee on CMT.
  • As if nine hours of a non-toxic sleep weren't enough, I felt it necessary to take another two hour nap at 11:00 A.M. A Saturday afternoon put to horrible use.
  • Standard bridal shower fare is lovely. However, a bridal shower cocktail party adds a little more fun with just as much class. Just like the bride-to-be, Julie.
  • As my family has found many times over, any event that involves semi-spontaneous singing is bound to be a good time. It's even better when Steph and I act out a horse and carriage.
  • If we lived in a fair world Team 2 would have swept the bridal games with the toilet paper dress design, mad libs, and serenades. As it is, we don't live in one.
  • What to do about absolutely nothing on a Sunday? Paint a hall corridor obviously.
  • Beeswax yellow in a non-window existant area is a terrible idea. Almost as terrible as a Sunday project turning into a week long project.
  • As usual Brooke found it hard to hit the road back to Carbondale in a timely manner, postponing her ride back to the wee hours of Monday morning. Her procrastination was my luck as they had a fully cooked lasagna meal on the stove and the Grammy's in HD.
  • My favorite Grammy performance: I think it goes without saying-Gaga & Elton
  • My best dressed at the Grammy's: Jennifer Hudson's vamped-up mod dress by Victoria Beckham.

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