Thursday, February 25, 2010

Read It All

The world of Google has it all. Almost too much to ever use everything. One of their more understated features is Google Reader. Essentially, it's a customizable newspaper or magazine. It's a place where you can aggregate all of your favorite finds and reads to one page. Like everything Google does, it simplifies complications. A lot can be done within Google Reader, but it's all laid out on the side and clearly stated. The basic thing you need you to know is how to add content to your Reader. All you have to do is either find the link to the RSS feed link or copy the URL of your choice site, and paste it into the "Add a Subscription" button.

Your Reader makes your choice of culture not only easier, but more rich as well. As sites update and new posts, so to will your Reader. No longer will you have to remember to check, or have a whole row of tabs in your browser's toolbar to click back and forth from. While you're becoming more informed, you might as well share what interests you with your friends. At the bottom of every post that appears in your Reader, you have the option to "Share." If you so choose to be generous, all of your Google friends who use their Reader will be able to see that post, no matter if they have a subscription to that site or not. It's a chance to rub a little of your cool and savvy on others. Something that doesn't get to happen to often at the lunch table.

Maybe you should use Google Reader. When you do, add this blog to it.

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