Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Playing Halvsies

If you have a summer Birthday you get it. Half birthdays are most certainly observed events. They were the days that brought around your turn for bringing in Birthday treats, picking out a rad new school supply from the grab bag, and reminding everyone that you too deserve to be told "happy birthday." It may have been second rate, but it was a day you were recognized nonetheless. On Monday, upon noticing February 23rd (my half birthday) was the next day I decided I could use some flattery in my life. Of course it was then quickly realized that any sort of well wishing and gifting would have to come from myself. As it is, flaunting a halfway point in another year of adult age does not bode well with other adults.

Subtlety and simplicity, as always, are key for giving yourself the perfect sendoff into the second half of your current adult year. My half birthday consisted of very simple pleasures. An extra stop on my morning drive to Starbucks, and allowing myself to indulge in an iced vanilla soy latte made my morning tremendously sweeter. Of course nothing makes me feel better and more relieved than spinnning class, which on a normally busy Tuesday night, was a rare treat to myself. No Birthday celebration of any sort is complete without a gift though. While I couldn't allow myself to purchase 98% of the items on my various retail wish lists, I did find quite the steal at the always fabulous Target. The black romper from their Xhiliration line.
Oddly enough this is the one romper I could not live without. After a wild goose chase, I was finally able to track one down. While it may seem a little mainstream, the simple detail of the ruffle, and the solid black color make this perfect for a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, or a Saturday evening out. Accessories are what will really make this onesie a statement piece. I'm bursting at the seams to wear it on my upcoming France trip in April and pair it with any of the following items:
Boater hat from Topshop

Corwin Cardigan from J.Crew

Buttons Ribbon necklace from Forever 21

Gold lace up sandals from Dorothy Perkins

It's not always easy to find things to celebrate. So when you do stumble across a date or event of noteworthiness, do yourself a favor and remember you.

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