Monday, January 4, 2010

Drifting Off

The coming of the 2010 New Year has left many to come down with cabin fever. With extreme low temperatures, and makeshift ice rinks on every street corner most of us are grabbing our Snuggies, extra fuzzy socks and hoping against hope there is something more watchable than "The Bachelor" to keep us entertained. Unfortunately TV fans, there really isn't. Trust me, as I scrolled up, down, backwards, and forwards through my digital TV guide. [Stick with the repeats though.] Fresh off of a jaunt in Naples, FL last week I was deluded by all the palm trees, fresh air, and other idyllic charms into thinking there would be no such thing as think as "harsh" in this St. Louis winter. My cropped leggings and thin fleece jacket would quickly prove me wrong while sitting outside of Lambert airport waiting for the shuttle.

While I may not have been able to take the balmy air back with me, I did compile a groovy little soundtrack along my journey. From airports to local restaurants and shops, these were my sounds of free and easy in the good ol' wintertime. It may not take you all the way to the beach (usually the heater will crank up and make itself known just in time for your landing there), but it just may distract you enough from grabbing that fourth blanket.

2. Evil Ways - Santana
3. Baby Hold On - Eddie Money
4. Babe - Styx
5. Carry Out - Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake
6. Soul Deep - Tahiti 80
7. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
8. It's You - Pictures and Sound
9. Why Didn't You Call Me - Macy Gray
11. That's the Way of the World - Earth, Wind, & Fire
12. Touching the Ground - Brandi Carlile

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