Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Resolution to Resolute

Shortly followed by the most wonderful time of the year, is that most dreaded time. The whole 36 hours that is the New Year celebration is one of the most overhyped, and for the most part, worthless of holidays. Since we are a society of traditions though, we go along with it anyway. The extravagant celebrations, popped champagne bottles, midnight countdowns, and of course the resolutions. Those lovely empty promises we make to ourselves in order to appear more ambitious. Personally I've known very few people who have resolved their promises through the whole year. However, those that have, usually come away with a unique anecdote to their personal memoir. Always one for a good tell-tale, I have decided 2010 really will be 20-win (props,C. Gallay).

The best way I have found to achieve long-term goals is to set many short-term goals along the way. With that in mind I have taken inventory of my life at present as an ambitious 23 and four-month year old homeowner. Much can be created from that toolset. So why not be two-fold in my quest? And why just have one or two? Why, each month brings in a new Day 1. It has thus been decided that each month will have a new productive goal to attempt, as well as one project to complete in my humble abode. Perhaps not everything will turn out in a triumphant success, but they will at least be something that has been turned. Stay tuned...

Illustration of "Abstract Fireworks" courtesy of Little Black Journal

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