Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Do I Care If Icicles Form?

It was inevitable, but very sly all the same. The first winter cold front has hit, leaving me to my standard evening garb of sweatpants and fleece jackets. Winter does not have to be so drab though. In fact it can be quite "glam." This year, most of my Christmas gifts will be in the form of donations to various charitable causes and organizations. To keep in theme of the giving spirit, I decided to comprise my remaining wish list of gifts I'll be receiving to be products that give a portion of the proceeds back to charity. At the top of my list is a most versatile item: the Vegan Wrap boot from TOMS Shoes. They're great for wearing on an afternoon shopping exursion or dressing up with some straight legs and a gray fur stole. [Okay, so I may already know what I'll be doing with them after receiving them.] Of course they'll also keep you warm while keeping your style chic and sleek this winter. Best yet, it's One for One. You get a pair of boots, and someone in need gets a pair of shoes as well. After all it's better to give than receive. With TOMS though, you can knock two snowmen with one snowball. You just may want to find some gloves though too.

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