Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes it's funny, those things you catch out of the corner of your eye. Tiny meaningless items or traces most of the time, but every once in awhile they grab your attention. Usually for no extraordinary reason at all. Just the other night I noticed my beaten and stained, four year-old Ugg boots, whom have endured a full Chicago winter and three eventful seasons of Mizzou football/tailgating. Two soles whose union together was never properly prepared for the endurance I had selfishly expected from them. They have unfortunately lost many of their looks, no thanks to me, since the day I first set my adoring eyes upon them on Michican Avenue. Yet, even though a more glamorous pair has come into my life since them, they still bear the burden of most of my winter journeys.

Maybe that's why they caught my eye the other night. All I had done was set them down in my room to move them out of obstructive view in the family room. One stayed in the upright position, and the other leaned over to the ground; a position unnoticed at the time. Hours later when I came back to my room there they still were, in the same position they had taken when I set them there, but this time they caught my eye. It wasn't a perfect position, but it was characteristic. While meaningless and inanimate objects as they may be it just brought to mind an important truth in life. Most of the time we're just where we are because we're placed there by various circumstances of our life. Once in awhile though, through all of our messy journeys, we'll do something that catches the eye of someone. And sometimes that makes all the difference.

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