Thursday, October 1, 2009

Say It Forward

October 1st could easily be seen as a dooms day for me. My mortgage payment is due, my desk at work is an endless heap of reports to be done, and a month long showing of horror movies on every cable channel is about to begin. These woes aren't solely mine though. The first of the month has traditionally been a hard day to pull the covers off of for most. Which is why a simple one-line text message, inspired me to do just a small thing to minimize that grudge in the morning for some of my favorite cell phone contacts.

It was Tuesday morning, while during my quiet and rushed routine, my ear shattering ring went off to alert me that I had a new text message. I went about my routine because I had already pushed my schedule back by failing to iron my work attire the night before, and I was 99% sure it was one of my parents asking a question I had answered 73 previous times. So 20 minutes later, upon grabbing my morning Diet Pepsi, and rushing out the door in a state of daze and confusion, I finally found the time and patience to look down at my phone for the awaiting message. I was thrilled to see it was neither of my parents. In fact I was actually brought to a big grin when I saw that the message was from one of my best friend's in Chicago, 304 miles away, just wishing me to "have a good day." Some days you know are just going to be good because they start off with something like that.

So on this dreaded first of the month for most, a day of looking forward at 31 days of "to dos" and planning in order to not get any "past dues," I decided that sometimes a little smile from a short line of text is all anyone needs to get through the day. It may be simple, it may be corny, but it may also be nice to let someone know you're thinking of them and wish them a "Happy October."

*To wish someone a "hello" by mail with one of the adorable cards pictured above, visit SheDraws

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