Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Accessory? It's Necessary

When I was the tender age of six years old I was told I was farsighted. Glasses were needed in order to read my page-turning Baby-Sitters Club books and see the chalkboard if I were to ever pass the first grade. It's always a little crushing to find out you were going to be "different" from the rest of the class at that age, but after I left the exam room and re-entered the optical shop that thought quickly fled my mind. It was here that I discovered my love of accessories. I must have tried on 50 pairs of glasses before I decided on "the one" : an oval metal frame that was red with white specks. I fell so in love with them that I wore them more than necessary, further straining my eyes. Of course you know where the story goes from here: I became nearsighted, and once I actually needed them all day every day, they weren't so fun. Fifth grade could not come soon enough for me to get contacts. Once I did I would still get my two frames a year, promising my Dad I would wear them as much as possible, but quickly forgetting the truce after a couple of weeks.

At 23 though, 17 years after receiving my first pair of glasses, I have rediscovered my love of being a four-eyed geek. Currently I own three pairs of frames in my most up-to-date prescription, and everyday I have fun changing between which one looks the best that morning. My glasses have become a staple to my work day attire, and have even made it out for some weekend appearances. To me it is one of the most fun, stylish, laid back, and sophisticated looks you can give yourself. All wrapped up in one accessory.

Randy Jackson "RJ 3000" frame from Zyloware [For the story behind this frame see: "One of These Things Is Not Like the Other"]

Vera Bradley "Isabella" frame from McGee Group

Lafont "Babel" frame from Jean Lafont

*All photos "tool-ishly" taken by the "Photobooth" application on my MacBook Pro

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