Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ageless, Timeless, Lace & Fineness

Tuesdays are typically a day for new sounds and grooves. Unless of course you're talking about Rod Stewart, who doesn't have to come out with a new song or album to be cool on a Tuesday. At any given time there is one song that will reach my iTunes "Top 25 Most Played" playlist within a matter of hours of deeming it the "theme song to my life." At this time, it's Rod Stewart's Ooh La La (originally performed by Faces, of which Rod Stewart was a member of). Of course Rod is also the sole proprietor of what has become the ultimate theme song to my life: Hot Legs. Yes, some five years ago I shamelessly performed a very brief rendition to the hit at a Kairos retreat (which is where every Rod Stewart song belongs...), and the song and dance have most assuredly followed me ever since. That's kind of how Rod's songs go though. Some will always be around for the party, and others there to bring up a great memory. He also is one of the few rockers who could successfully make a legitimate "standards" album (The Great American Songbook) this week. Three of them for that matter. A difficult achievement to manage for many of his genre. So while he may not have come out with a new album, or even a new single, he can still galavant around being Mr. Cool, especially when his The Definitive Rod Stewart album is one of iTunes featured albums "We're Listening Too."
So cheers, Mr. Stewart! You're still as cool and dapper of an Englishman as ever.

The Rod Stewart Essential Playlist:

1. Hot Legs
2. Ooh La La
3. Maggie May
4. You Wear It Well
5. You're In My Heart
6. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
7. Forever Young
8. Every Picture Tells a Story
9. Young Turks

*Top photo taken by Brit at heart, Alex Aberman
**Below photo courtesy of BBC

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