Thursday, October 29, 2009

Always Treat

It's not often I get the urge to bake. In fact it's next to never that I want to do anything involving being around kitchen appliances. However, if there is one thing I've learned while being in the workforce it's that people like bringing in their prized fresh-from-the-kitchen goods into the office to share. Now while I've made it quite clear to all my coworkers that I'm not the domestic type, I can't help feeling bad being the "dollar roll" girl on the Birthday potluck lunch days. So while making my weekly stop for grocery items at my local Target (because I'm far too undomestic for an actual grocery store) I came across a wonderful idea: Pillsbury Ready to Bake cookies. Perfect for the girl on the verge of kitchen anxiety. Just like a little school girl, I was so excited about having a Halloween treat to bring in for everyone that I almost completely forgot about the one essential item. The baking sheet. Once back home while taking out the box of pre-cut cookie dough, I was 99.7% sure I had never purchased anything of that nature while doing my home shopping. As luck would have it though someone, somewhere along the line must have tried to drop a hint (one that was never taken, I might add) and left one in my cabinet. So all was saved and I was able to take part in the joy of baking by placing the slices in a tidy design. Pathetic attempt? Possbily. I think one little pumpkin man even shed a tear at my puny confectionary skills. The important thing though is I can now say I am a bonafide member of the workplace. Step aside deluxe carrot cakes with homemade icing and egg souffles, I'm coming through!

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