Monday, November 2, 2009

Haul Out the Holly

Very few days are more fun to wake up on than November 1st. Plenty of chocolate can be found to eat, the scary movies are put back in the vaults, and Christmas season gradually starts make its descent upon storefronts and television ads. For me, it's a release of a little over a month of built up energy to keep from reactivating my "Christmas Music" playlist on iTunes. Even a balmy 60-degree temperature and a cloudless sky could not keep my audio players safe from the influx of Andy Williams and Burl Ives seasonal favorites.

The thing about Christmas music is you either love it or have a deep disdain for it. If you are one of those who goes into a cold sweat every time you hear it upon entering a mall, the most common reason you will give for that is it's "too happy." Ironically enough, if you are one of those who sneaks *N Sync's "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" on throughout the year, the most common reason given for playing it is because it "makes you happy." Well of course as most things in life, all that can be resolved in debates as this one is just to give way to preference and style. Holiday carols are most certainly not everyone's shoe that fits. For those eager elves out there though, such as myself, there is nothing more exciting than coming across local St. Louis radio station 100.3 Christmas (I think the station name explains itself), which went live today. As I once read, singing in the car is good therapy, and you will sound great doing it. Well I don't know if anything could make the latter true for myself, but I do know well over a hundred yuletide hits. So if you are one of those who runs at the sound of Johnny Mathis' voice, and you see a 23-year old brunette sipping on a Starbucks egg nog latte inquiring about claymation, beware. She just came out of a good therapy session.

A Few Tunes to Ease into the Season:
1. A Marshmallow World by Dean Martin
4. I Like a Sleigh Ride by Peggy Lee
5. This Christmas by Chris Brown

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