Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet Inspiration

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday by any means. Too many scary movies. Too many Almond Joys and not enough M&Ms. And too much pressure on "the costume." Thanks to college and its many tests, I have been on a three year hiatus from Halloween and the headache that is costume shopping. This year though, with the holiday night open in my agenda book, I found myself with an unexpected burst of holiday spirit and zeal. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to dress up as, but I knew just what I wanted to incorporate into my costume: a tutu. For no other rhyme or reason than it just seemed fun. Not long after, the idea of being a rubber ducky on Halloween night, was born. All I needed was a yellow top, yellow leggings, a hand-crafted duck beak, and an orange tutu. And wouldn't you know that I didn't even have to resort to my original idea of spray painting the tutu orange? Upon entering Dancewear Solutions in St. Louis, like a cone of glory, tutus of various bold colors stood before me, including the illusive orange. Thanks to the MCM clothing line at Dillards, the rest of the costume was easy (well, after walking the whole terrain of the Galleria Mall). With just a little felt fabric and some cardboard, viola!, my costume will be complete. Proof that even the biggest Halloween ghouls can find the spirit of the holiday with just a little bit of "piece-ful" inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm I think you're forgetting a little party called "Monmouth" and the great costume creativity it entails. And I'm very excited about your costume idea-I also want to wear a tutu!!



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