Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hoot Hoot, It's a Hit!

The Great Computer Crash of '09 left a lot of chaos in its wake. Contrary to most disasters, it left behind little debris, which in this case was very unfortunate. Gone in the blink of an eye was four years of a digital life. Fortunately the little guy got me through a solid four years of college from start to finish, so the files? They were all turned in, never to be looked at again. The pictures? Well, it was a hard one to swallow, but I spent an evening dropping and dragging from my online albums. The music? The music was a stab to the heart. Out of over 4,000 mp3 files, I was able to salvage just a little over 1,000 thanks to reverse iPod downloading. In the weeks that followed I became a mad detective trying to find what I was missing, and where I could get them back from, because God knows my c.d.s haven't survived the other disaster that is my car. Not only did I quickly tire of the search, but the beats of my remaining tunes were starting to wane as well. It became clear that I needed to start cleaning out my ears, and find some new grooves.

Thanks to my Shazam iPhone app and some great recent movie soundtracks (i.e. 500 Days of Summer), my iTunes library is starting to look healthy once again. From this disaster though I have picked up what seems to be a great habit. No, still not backing up. On Tuesdays, new music day, I look for new artists and sounds. Not every, but some weeks, a diamond in the rough can be found. This week I found a great act known as Owl City. Owl City is actually a one-man project, who is Adam Young, from the small town of Owatonna, MN, which I happen to be familiar with. For those who remember Postal Service (though it's been a few six years since their last release), you will find Owl City's sound to be pleasantly similar with a little more pop added in. Currently their song Fireflies is the number six best-selling single on iTunes. If you like that enough, be sure to check out the rest of their most recent album Ocean Eyes, and previously released single Hot Air Balloon.

*Top artwork from fabulous fabric site, SaffronCraig
*Bottom album covers from Owl City

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