Monday, September 28, 2009

A Walk in the Park

One of the hardest things about being a recent college grad who quickly inherits a mortgage and bills is that spare change is hard to find. Carefree spending is no longer an option, as you always have to have your Excel budget spreadsheet handy to plug in whether that Saturday afternoon ice cream cone is going to make you or break you this month. Sometimes these minor cutbacks in your lifestyle can actually open up your world to new enjoyments. The simple enjoyments.

In an attempt to be as budget friendly as possible, I have refrained thus far from buying into a membership of one of my necessary daily activities: the gym. While the endorphin enhancing aids known as the elliptical and treadmill are sorely missed from my twilight hours, it was hard to deny both the financial and fitness benefits that were being offered just two blocks away from my house. Francis Park is a recreation center that is free to the public and 1.25 miles around in distance, giving way for a convenient and customizable workout. The best thing about Francis Park, or any park for that matter, is that it's outdoors so you can actually enjoy the surroundings outside of the plasma screens and sterile walls. Every night there is something new to witness, such as a "Mommy and Baby" group stroller march up the hills, or the neighborhood chiuaua walker being read the right act by his four-legged clients.

This also happens to be the best time of the year to enjoy your neighborhood park. Brisk air, bold sunsets, and falling leaves only enhance nature's aesthetics. So while it may not be the adrenaline fueled gridiron of the gym, I'll gladly take the sights and sounds of the city to accompany my shin splints. My bank account will as well.

*Photos taken by moi on my iPhone camera

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  1. wow suz.. those pictures are really, really pretty

    i love the new look!!

    wonder if zerman etc has taken notice?



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