Friday, February 27, 2009

Whatever, I'll Just Get a Blackberry. Or Will I...?

The cellular phone gods were really having a field day with me for the past 24 hours. Who could blame them? I'm an easy target. It all started at a local establishment here in Columbia called Quinton's. That is when I realized my little red, beat up and hanging by a thread, phone was no longer in my clutch. Now as much of an eye sore for me that phone is, I've always said that when it was leaving my life it would be on my terms. I've had a bad taste in my mouth about M.I.A. cell phones ever since my freshman year at Loyola when my phone was completely shattered and I was unreachable when my family was trying to get ahold of me to inform me my Dad was going to have triple bypass surgery the next day. I cannot be phoneless.

I knew I couldn't have lost it because I just don't lose things. Take a moment to get over that shock. Really, I do not lose things very often at all. Flake out moments, dropped items, yes. Completely losing them, not so much. Yet there I was last night searching every nook and cranny and asking every server for my phone As much as I hate being phoneless, I also hate surrendering my night to circumstances I cannot control. Thursday nights in Columbia I cannot control. So I carried on and just informed everyone I came in contact with of two things: 1. Don't leave without me 2. I just don't even care that I lost my phone because now I'll just get a Blackberry

Needless to say neither of these things happened. At the end of the night, while following my friends home I became separated after getting distracted talking to someone else. Fortunately my fedora and I (or should I say "Hat Girl," as that was the name of reference used) were spotted by some good samaritans who also happened to be friends with my roommate and a phone in possession with her number in it. I was going home.

This morning I woke up to no alarm. That is because my phone is my alarm. I also had no idea what time it was. That is because my phone also serves as my clock. I knew my first priority of the day was going to be tracking down the phone and/or reactivating my even older phone whose screen does some funky strobe lighting-like effects. After eating lunch (because that ultimately became my first priority) my roommate and I hit the town. Our first stop was Big 12. It was a Bingo. Until my roommate intervened. They had a red Samsung Sprint phone, however as my roommate so keenly observed, it didn't look quite like mine. That's because it wasn't. But it was so shiny, and pretty, and hinged together! And it had been there for days! And I was phoneless! My roommate though, the ethical gem she is, told me to give it back though. So off we went to Quintons's. Nada. On the walk back to the car though my roommate finally started thinking clearly. It makes sense to take that phone at Big 12. Clearly it had long since been replaced.

We needed a plan though. I placed a few phone calls, well really it just took one, and found someone to get the job done. Back we went Downtown, and this time my friend went in giving the same story and same description I did 20 minutes earlier. All it took was a different face. The phone was mine. Don't judge me.

So no, it's no Blackberry, but let's be serious I was not about to start paying my phone bills three months prematurely. And where you ask is the other phone? Well I came to the conclusion that it was taken by the Great Beyond. That is until my roommate called me after getting into St. Louis this evening while taking her bags out of the car. It apparently wound up in some remote crevice of her car. It never even made it with me to any of the afore mentioned locations. So I am now up a phone, but down a few morals. I'm sure I'll be meeting up with my good friend Karma any day now.


  1. must share this with you:

    the girl who spent most of last night on the bathroom floor. believe it or not.




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