Sunday, March 1, 2009

If My Life Were Just One Outfit

Modern Prohibition
Modern Prohibition - by Suzabella on

Leonardo Da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Touche, my friend, I couldn't agree more. That's why the "little black dress" has been a staple of glamour and sophistication ever since Laura Ingalls Wilder left the little house on the prairie. Ever since I was introduced to Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday I have always strived to acquire that elusive characteristic and style of sophistication. Unfortunately, as my friend Caroline reassured me not too long ago, I am one of the most complicated people walking the Earth right now.

After playing around on my new obsession of a web site that my very internet and style-cultured roommate Grace (seriously, visit her blog introduced me to, I have found that my style is not sophisticated. Or old-fashioned. Or classic. It's just complicated. I think most people would find this to be theirs as well. Let me illustrate by dissecting the above set that would be the one outfit to define my life. Well at least some of it...

The Camera: If I could have all my memories compiled I would want them all to look like actual snapshots. Just as the ones that camera takes. Black and white, border, and 4X4.
The Cardigan:Because sometimes I'm hot and sometimes I'm cold. Ergo, a cardigan is easily removable when you start to sweat, and easy to put back on when you get the chills again. Even better, this one has a scarf for a little extra something.
The Brooch: Cameos have been given to me at every monumental event in my life. They, to me, are the greatest stamp of honor.
The Chanel Earrings: Anyone who calls themselves an Audrey Hepburn fan must know that this is the starting point to glamour and sophistication.
The Tank: To show off the beauty of everything else, you have to tone it down somewhere.
The Makeup: I truthfully know nothing about makeup. This probably isn't hard to guess if you've seen me in an attempt to be "dolled up." Therefore, my rule of thumb is to use little and just make it match with the clothes. Color coordination just makes sense to me.
The Bracelet: Pearls and bows. Amen.
The Skirt: To quote my idol and fellow complicated mess Rachael Zoe, "I die." When I see that skirt all I want to do is twirl. Which just leads me to sadness as I have absolutely no coordination for twirling. However, I feel that my childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina would be a fraction realized in this skirt.
The Purse: I don't like huge bags because I often get stuck in doors, or trip over them getting out of chairs. However, I have a lot to cram in for storage to get through a day. That's why the mid-size bag is perfection. Plus clutter always looks better under quilted patent leather.
The Vintage Polaroids: It just always seems the best smiles are caught on Polaroids.
The Flying Birds Stilletto: Just gives me a throwback to the HItchcock classic The Birds. Anything Hitchcock is always in style. Also, the illustrated stilletto just reenforces the equation that me + stillettos = a completely unrealistic idea. How nice it is to dream though.
The Boot: Totally not my typical style, yet I am so incredibly drawn to it. It's intriguing and off-the-wall.

The boot, while most unlike my style, best describes it: sometimes you're just going to get the completely unexpected out of me. And really everyone has a strappy boot. But sometimes it might be a pair of earrings. Or the shoelaces on their tennis shoes. Or possibly even the book they're reading. The unexpected is the best part in all of us. Just think, if we didn't have the unexpected, the world would never have known the dance phenomena that is "Hot Legs." So maybe I will never achieve sophistication, but I think complicated does the trick just fine.

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